Bespoke Wedding Dresses

If you’re looking for something unique, have an idea in mind that you can’t find or like the style of skirt from one gown and the shape of the bodice from another, then one of our bespoke wedding dresses is just for you.
Inside Caroline Chamberlain Studio

The Bespoke Experience

The first consultation is the perfect opportunity to sit down in a relaxed setting. I can get to know you and we can talk through your ideas for your special day. From all the designs you’re drawn to and the ones you’re not, you can take a look and try on any of my samples, and we can build a picture of the kind of look you want for your day. Once I have an idea of the kind of silhouette you’re looking for, we can go through all my fabric swatch books to choose suitable fabrics to bring your dream dress (or trouser suit, it doesn’t have to be a dress!) to life.

Then I can put together a design pack for you, costing £50, which is a perfect way to start to build a picture for your dream look. The pack consists of 6 sketched designs, based on your ideas and our discussions from the initial consultation. You can also select a mix of fabric samples to be included in the pack.  It’s a great starting point if you’re undecided about certain design details, and also a lovely keepsake. 

Dresses in the Studio

The Fitting Process

Once your measurements have been taken, I make a paper pattern specifically for you so we can ensure a perfect fit from the get-go. None of my bespoke wedding dresses are made to a size and then altered; each one is individually made for each bride from the start. Once the pattern is cut, I make a mock-up of the gown, usually in a cotton calico, known as a Toile. Once the toile has been approved, we move onto second and third fittings.

1st Toile Fitting

Caroline Designing the Dress

Making an initial mock-up of your bespoke wedding dress is the best way for you to confirm you are completely happy with your chosen design. I ensure we get a perfect fit, and you can make any changes at this stage. I do not cut any of your fabric until you are completely happy with the toile.

2nd Fitting

Caroline At The Sewing Machine

Once you are happy with your toile, the bespoke wedding dress is cut in your fabric. At this fitting, I will still be able to make slight tweaks and alterations as the lining will not be completely finished. The hem will also be finalised at this fitting.

3rd Fitting

Caroline with Completed Dress

The third fitting is usually your final one. At this fitting, we confirm that the fit is perfect, and everything is just as you want it to be. Occasionally we can schedule a fourth fitting, in case of any tweaks. This can be gauged as we go along. If you are happy with everything at this fitting, you have the option of either taking the dress that day or collecting it nearer the time.