Caroline in Studio


I'm Caroline - Welcome to my studio!

I have been in the Bridal industry for over 23 years now, and sewing professionally for 28 years. I have pretty much been obsessed with Fashion though, particularly Bridal Fashion, since being a child. A lot of my childhood was spent drawing and sketching fashion illustrations. It was so exciting at the age of 16 to realise I could go and study fashion and make a career out of it.

After completing my Btec in fashion, I moved to Leicester for my degree. Throughout my uni years, I worked for various Bridal shops initially on the retail side before moving into the sewing studio. I completed my degree with honours in 1996, a lot of my final year projects were tailored to Bridal wear, particularly Alternative Bridal, including my final collection. I had always been drawn to being able to express your true self on your Wedding Day and not having to conform to any traditional expectations – unless of course, you want to. It’s about ‘doing bridal your way’.

On completing my degree, I actually got my first job making theatre costumes, primarily Pantomime Costume, for Qdos Entertainment. This was a great learning experience, and a great opportunity to be flamboyant, learn corsetry and expand my sewing skills, as well as a great grounding in alterations, as costumes get used a lot year after year. Eventually, I became a Pattern Cutter for Qdos, which I also love doing.

After 5 years in costume, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own bespoke Bridal wear business. I was lucky enough to be able to do both until 2003 when the time felt right to be brave and take the plunge completely into Bridal wear. I adore making dresses, and to be able to be there from the start, get to know a bride and her dream for the big day, then be able to sketch the gown, make a pattern from that sketch and then create the gown is an absolute pleasure and a dream come true.


I am very influenced by vintage fashion, Dior is my favourite designer, and I love the ‘New Look’ silhouette he created in the 1950s. Often my designs have a vintage feel but with a contemporary edge. I think we can draw on all the decades gone by for fashion inspiration. My theatrical background occasionally comes through in my designs too, I love to add a bit of drama. My costume background has now actually come full circle, as in my quieter months, I am back making costumes for the Pantomime at the London Palladium. It’s wonderful to be able to do both.

Picture of Studio from the Road