Bespoke Wedding Dress Design

Bespoke Wedding Dress Design

Caroline Chamberlain Bridal Studio Window Display

Working with you to create, design and make your dream wedding dress. Caroline’s bespoke bridal dress service is relaxed, creative and truly individual. 

Designing a dress with Caroline Chamberlain is a personal and exciting experience. From the first consultation to the last fitting, we will be with you at every step, guiding you through the journey of your wedding dress.

Caroline Outside Her Studio
Caroline Chamberlain Studio

The First Appointment

 The Caroline Chamberlain experience starts with the first consultation at our studio in Buckminster. During our time together we will explore the options for your dream wedding dress in our relaxed and beautiful country setting. Starting by hearing about you, your wedding plans and your vision for your bridal look, Caroline will listen to what is important to you and how you want to feel on your wedding day. You can share any mood boards, colour samples and individual elements or embroideries that you would like to include in your final design. The first appointment is your chance to allow us to truly understand you and is the first step in making your dress dreams a reality.
 You will have the opportunity to look at the designs Caroline has in her core collection, try on styles and take the time to consider elements that you like. You will have access to Caroline’s extensive library of fabrics, laces and trimmings and can share your favourites with us.

By the end of your time together, Caroline will pull together the shapes, fabrics and design elements you favour and have a clear understanding of your bridal vision.

Caroline Taking Notes
Caroline With Her Tablet Taking Notes

The Design Process 

The design process of creating a bespoke Caroline Chamberlain wedding dress continues with your design portfolio. After your first appointment, Caroline will create a detailed portfolio for you that includes six wedding dress design sketches accompanied by fabric and embellishment samples. Each design has been made especially for you and will include every personal element you discussed in your first consultation. These designs are yours to choose from and will be the map used to create your wedding dress. Once you have decided on your choice from the sketches, the process of making your dress can start. 

All bridal gowns are made by Caroline in her studio using couture processes and hand finishing. Caroline herself will be the one hand cutting your dress, stitching and adding details and embellishments. Your bridal outfit will be made to the highest standards. No detail is too small. This is all part of the Caroline Chamberlain bespoke experience.

Scissors and Lace
Jars of Cotton and Measuring Tape

Toiles and Dress Fittings 

Now that your wedding dress design has been confirmed, your journey will move into the creating phase. Caroline will now measure you and create a toile of your final dress. This cotton garment is made to your specific measurements and is a cotton replica of your wedding dress. During a fitting Caroline will look at the toile in detail to ensure a superb fit and that each design element is perfect. A toile allows you to experience how your final dress will look and make any small changes to the neckline, or sleeve length or add details to your original design. 

This is an exciting part of your dress journey and allows you to work closely with Caroline to ensure each element of your final garment is perfect. The fitted toile is then used as a pattern to create your final dress. 

We will now begin work on your wedding dress in your chosen fabric. After finishing it and adding surface embellishments you will have your first fitting with Caroline in your very own, completely bespoke dress. This is the time you will get to see your vision realised and see your wedding day look in full. 

Fittings will take place in the Buckminster studio and minor adjustments will be made to perfect your final dress.

Caroline At The Sewing Machine
Caroline Designing the Dress

The Final Fitting 

After all the alterations have been made and your dress is perfect you will have one last fitting with Caroline. This is your opportunity to see and wear your completed and perfect dress. Once complete you can now take your wedding dress home and are ready for your big day. 

If you would like to start your own wedding dress journey with Caroline Chamberlain, please book your appointment here.  We cannot wait to meet you and create your dream wedding dress.

Caroline Adjusting A Wedding Dress
Caroline with Completed Dress