A Guide To Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We are delighted to have you here with us to explore the options for your all-important wedding dress. We understand that you will be doing your research looking for the perfect person to create the dress of your dreams. A dress or outfit that looks exactly how you envision and makes you feel amazing on your big day. 

One bridal trend that has become a firm favourite over the last few years is wedding dresses with sleeves. Here at Caroline Chamberlain Bridal we absolutely love sleeves and some of our all-time favourite dresses have included sleeves.

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Why Have a Wedding Dress With Sleeves? 

Having a sleeve on your wedding dress or outfit can tick some practical boxes for your wedding day. If you are getting married in a church or religious ceremony you may need to cover your shoulders or arms. Autumn and Winter weddings in the UK can also be rather chilly and a sleeve can help you stay warm. 

Another reason you may choose a wedding dress with sleeves is simply that you love the look of them! Sleeves don’t have to be practical. They can be whimsical and fun. By choosing an on-trend sleeve shape you can add a fashion edge to your wedding day look. One that makes your outfit stand out and really reflects your personality. 

Whatever your reason for wanting a sleeve be sure to know that there are so many options available there will definitely be something just right for you. 

The Many Options of Wedding Dress Sleeves 

Sleeves come in all shapes, lengths and fabric options. This means that you can have fun with your look. Sleeves can be fitted to the arm for a sleek look and look beautiful in lace or tulle. For sleeves with movement, a flutter sleeve will move when you do and add a feminine and fun touch to your look. A puffy sleeve of any length adds drama and fashionability to a wedding dress. Another gorgeous option is a funnel sleeve that is tight at the top of the arm and then kicks out with volume towards the wrist. 

The options of fabric and embellishments on your sleeves are another opportunity for you to create a truly personalised bridal look. Wedding sleeves can be sheer, made of lace or more opaque fabrics such as organza or crepe. Adding embellishments such as overlaid lace, pearls or crystals can add interest, catch the light or add colour. We also love personalised embroidery on sleeves that tells a story of you and your love. Hand-stitched dates, quotes, sentimental motifs or flowers not only add beauty to your look but allow you to completely personalise your outfit. 

Wedding dress sleeves do not have to be a permanent feature either. Here at Caroline Chamberlain Bridal, we love a bridal look with detachable sleeves. Having sleeves that can be removed during your wedding day allows you to change the look of your outfit without changing your whole dress. They are a fantastic way to add interest and fun to your day and keep your guests guessing.

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Finding Your Perfect Sleeve Style 

If you are not sure about what style of sleeve to decide for your wedding day, think about what is most important to you for your overall bridal look. If you want to cover your arms then a three-quarter or full sleeve may work best. If you are looking to create drama to your look then a longer sleeve with volume and detail will be a great option. Other options to consider are: 

● The season you are getting married in. Do you need to keep warm or cool on your big day? Sleeve styles and lengths can help you with this. 

● Your wedding style. Does your wedding have a theme or style? If so, what sleeve will work best to enhance your overall vision? 

● Will your sleeve be worn all day or be attachable? Deciding this will help you and your designer select the best shape for you. 

● Your overall aesthetic. Choosing a sleeve can aid you in creating your final bridal look. Certain shapes and embellishments enhance your aesthetic. For example, adding a strip of fringe along the length of your sleeve will add to your boho styling. 

● Keeping a mood board of styles of dresses and sleeves you are drawn to can help clarify your tastes. The board can then be used to help your designer in narrowing your final design.

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Collaborating with Caroline Chamberlain Bridal to Create Your Dream Wedding Dress with Sleeves 

If after reading this you have decided to have a wedding dress with sleeves, we would love to help you make this a reality. We offer a full bespoke service that allows you to work alongside Caroline to create the dress or outfit of your dreams. Whether you know exactly what you want or need support in deciding, we are here to help. Our initial consultation allows you to share your dreams for your big day look and your saved images and mood board. We will then design a series of sketches exclusively for you to choose from. You can read more about the process of having a bespoke wedding dress made with us here. 

To book an appointment with Caroline Chamberlain Bridal, please contact us here.